Statements » People sooner or later will shake off oligarchs’ yoke upon them – United Armenians Party



The United Armenians Party today comes out as a third political force, Party member Hovhannes Hovhannisyan stated during a press conference on Saturday.

“You know all the political officials well. Now, we need to serve our people. By coming to the parliament [as a result of the forthcoming National Assembly elections], we will adopt several laws to contribute to the country’s improvement,” Hovhannisyan said and added: “If the people wish to change the state of affairs, they will vote for us.”  

“The people sooner or later will shake off the oligarchs’ yoke placed upon them, and they will triumph. If the people wish, we will come to power and work, [and] if [they] do not wish, we will not come to power,” Hovhannes Hovhannisyan noted.  

As per the United Armenians Party member, the Party’s funding has come solely from the membership fees paid by its 5,000 members.