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Dear compatriots inside and outside Armenia

Today`s appraisal of the historical past and rich cultural heritage of our people as well as the suggestion of new ideas, that could unite the nation, are of vital importance nowadays when the consolidating sovereign Armenian statehood unites Armenians spread all over the world. The traditional Armenian symbols - the Apostolic Echmiadzin, the Matenadaran, the National Academy of Sciences, Universities - are treated anew under the conditions of national harmony and unity. Numerous monuments of our cultural and historical heritage are unshakable and ever-living stakes of our nation. Garni, and Tatev have already revived. In the immediate proximity of the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, and the spiritual capital of Christian Armenians lies Zvartnots - the Temple of Glory of Armenian Religion. Still in ruins, Zvartnots sets hopes on its revival under Armenian statehood. The people and the authorities of the republic are facing a lot of problems. Yet we are sure it would be incorrect to bind up the possibility of the restoration of Zvartnots with the present grave condition of Armenian economy. Every stone laid in the national construction, every dram and every working day donated to the saint goal will contribute both to the revival of Zvartnots and the unity of the Armenian people. Dear compatriots, the party of "The United Armenians" will by all means assist "The Fond of Zvartnots Temple Reconstruction". Our party simultaneously calls upon you, dear compatriots, to contribute in Zvartnots Reconstruction, reach the national agreement in order to get rid of the humiliating poverty which is not common for our nation, and to follow the path of creating a deserved life. Let us turn Zvartnots, with its capitals-eagles, with its ideas of the "ring-unity", "ring-enternity", with its historically elevated goals of creation, into the genuine Zvartnots - the Temple of Greatness - into the symbol of the new revival of our Motherland, where the Sun of Armenia will eternally come from the eagle wings of Zvartnots.

Chairman of the Council of the party "The United Armenians", PhD of Law, professor, academician of International Academy of Ecology and
Life Protection Sciences (IAELPS) and
academician of all Armenian Academy of the National Security Problems,
doctor of Law, professor Ruben Avagyan



  • Avakyan Lyudmila, the chief manager of the former Yerevan Department of Moscow New Juridical Institute, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Bishop Sion Adamyan, the leader of Armavir bishopdom
  • Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, the leader of Artsakh bishopdom
  • Balayan Zori, writer, publicist
  • Vardanyan Vagharshak, Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Armenia, Major General of Justice, Lawyer
  • Petrosyan Astghik,  Lawyer (Switzerland, Zurich)
  • Hakobjanyan Hrachik, the prorector of Yerevan Theatre and Movie State University, the assistant of the president of the civil committee of  “United Armenians” Party
  • Hovhannisyan Hovhannes, mamber of "United Armenians” Party
  • Melqonyan Athur (USA)
  • Ayvazyan Artur, lawyer
  • Sargsyan Nairi, lawyer - economist

All this pioneers will be remembered by the founders of «The Fond of Zvartnots Temple Reconstruction»:

Tiran Marutyan
Ghukas Chubaryan
Arthur Tarkhanyan
Bishop Shahe Achemyan
Paris Heruni
Sos Sargsyan
Jim Torosyan
Karapetyan Samvel