Statements » United Armenians Party’s electorate is apparent beforehand

In the upcoming parliamentary elections the United Armenians Party will come forth with the accountability that there is a huge expectation from it, the Party representative Ashot Yeranosyan stated during Wednesday’s political debate.     

“Considering that the United Armenians Party is running in the parliamentary elections for the first time, the Party, as a new force, will say a lot to the body politic,” he noted, and added that their slogan is “New word, new voice, new force!”  

In his words, the party is actively preparing for the elections.

“We are planning [to hold] meetings in the regions, also, methodical comments, [and] separate presentations. For the most part, our electorate is the intelligentsia. So, we consider our electorate to be apparent beforehand, and we will work with it,” Ashot Yeranosyan said.